SAS® Enterprise Guide: Best if Used by Date on Package

Some of us were raised in households where no food was ever wasted unless it was truly unsafe. “Just cut the edges off!” was heard in my house almost as often as the dreaded (but thrifty), “Put on a sweater if you’re cold!” As noble as it is to strive at all times to make sure we’re getting the most out of all of our resources, there comes a time when change is inevitable.

In a few months, we’ll be reaching that point with Enterprise Guide 2. All Enterprise Guide software has always had a built-in expiration date – given that Enterprise Guide 2 was released in 2002, when Windows 95 still roamed the earth, the original expiration date for SAS Enterprise Guide 2.05 and 2.1 was  December 1, 2008. SAS Technical Support knows that some of us were trained to “just cut the edges off!” and rode out the expiration messages in our Enterprise Guide products, so they’ve created expiration-date extensions. For Enterprise Guide 2, these extensions go until December 1, 2012.  As this expiration date approaches, SAS strongly recommends that you upgrade to the newest release of SAS Enterprise Guide prior to product expiration.  Later releases provide fixes for known issues as well as significant functionality and usability enhancements that will make your use of SAS Enterprise Guide more productive. If you’ve still got EG 2 running in the proverbial Ziploc bag in the back of your fridge, please consider contacting SAS  Contracts about upgrading (you can email them at If you think an upgrade won’t be feasible, contact Technical Support ( and they can help you through your options.

If you're wondering about the expiration dates for the more current versions of Enterprise Guide, those answers are in a SAS Note.

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