Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Cutting steps with DATA step

I think this DATA step Post-It author may be a bit like my mother. When I was a child, my mother was always coaching me on two things: being independent and being efficient. I believe those are the two traits she considered most admirable in a person. It's little wonder that I am bullheaded and competitive. I even compete with myself. I try to accomplish each task more quickly or with better metrics than before.

I'm sure that is the reason this Post-It Note appealed to me so much. The author must have been so pleased to have cut the work of his or her co-worker by 109 steps! Using 112 steps to do a task that only requires 3 is like walking around your elbow to get to your hand - as my mother used to like to say!

Here's a little information on the DATA step, if you want to cut some of your extra steps. Hey DATA step programmers, give us your inside tips!!

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