EPTO customers, need a SAS Global Forum 'FASTPASS'

If your company has an EPTO account, it could be like getting a FASTPASS ticket to SAS Global Forum. EPTO units won't move you to the head of the line like FASTPASS (there are no lines), but they can pay for your SAS Global Forum event registration fees!

Don’t know what an EPTO account is?

It’s a discount program for SAS Training where a company purchases training “units” in advance at up to 30% off. The units can be used for SAS training courses, select conferences and other items.  EPTO stands for Enterprise Professional Training Offer.

To use your EPTO units to pay for your SAS Global Forum fees, you must also take a pre-conference training course or a SAS certification exam.  You can read all of the details and registration instructions on our webpage.

Ask around in your organization to see if there are any EPTO units that you might be able to use.  Hopefully you’ll uncover a way to attend SAS Global Forum for free!  (Well, not really free, but pre-paid at a significant discount.)

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