How to make better data-based decisions

Many companies are stressing the use of analytics and have a desire to make data-based decisions. But what kind of training should one take to enhance their abilities to meet this broad objective?

Certainly some advanced training on statistical techniques would be helpful. But understanding how to manage a project or manage the organizational change would be helpful as well. Maybe some skills on how to streamline a work process would also be beneficial.

Several courses seem to be in order, but how do you integrate all of these tools and skills together to solve the problem?

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader training is available that does all of this.

I can hear some of you now, “I do not work for a Six Sigma company!” or “Six Sigma is too prescriptive.” or “Six Sigma is only for manufacturing companies.” or…

Actually, the Lean Six Sigma skill set is really all about problem solving. It accomplishes this by teaching how to effectively manage projects, utilizing analytic techniques to best understand the problem, and finding an effective solution that is implemented in a sustainable manner. These skills are extremely valuable and can be helpful to anybody, even if your company is not a Six Sigma company.

SAS offers Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader training that can be taken by individuals or companies. There are three different options available for you to receive this training, allowing you the flexibility to choose the method that is right for you or your organization.

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