Watch and learn: Save time with Task Templates

In this SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office Tip, instructor Rob McAfee teaches how to save steps with Task Templates.   Using Task Templates saves you time and ensures consistency when you are creating several similar reports and analysis. A Task Template allows you to easily save task options and settings and then use those saved settings with a different data sources. Watch this instructor tip to see how!


You can learn more about this topic and more in our SAS Training course, Accessing SAS from Microsoft Office Applications.

tags: business intelligence

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  1. [...] Copy Files task also supports a standard SAS Enterprise Guide feature: Task Templates. You can create an instance of the task that is useful in one process, then save those task [...]

  2. [...] makes the use of the Copy Files task very "generic". In fact, you can create a Task Template that defines these exact task settings, and thus always have it available on your Tasks menu [...]

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