You’ve taken a SAS class – now what?

Have you ever taken a SAS class, but left wanting more? There’s a place to continue learning outside the classroom.

You may remember hearing about Extended Learning pages while in class or while reading your post-course thank-you email.  That email contained instructions for activating and accessing the Extended Learning page for your course.

Extended Learning pages are designed to do just that – extend your learning after a SAS class!  There is plenty of SAS information on the Web, but if you’ve ever searched for a SAS topic, you’ve most likely gotten more results than you were willing to sift through.  Well, with our Extended Learning pages, we hand-pick papers and documents related to the course material and present those documents to you in one spot.  Extended Learning pages also include a link to download the course data and program files to use with your SAS software. After you’ve downloaded and stored the course files locally, you can use your own SAS System to run the demo programs, try the exercises and activities again, or maybe attempt the Level 3 exercises that you didn’t get to in class.

And if you need SAS software…

SAS OnDemand for Professionals: Enterprise Guide is a great way to practice what you learned in class!  The software is currently available in the US and Canada. You simply purchase a six- or twelve-month license for this web-based learning environment, and then download a SAS Enterprise Guide client to your computer. It’s designed to work with several of our courses and the related course data is pre-loaded on the server for you. You can use the client to write your own programs or use the course programs provided to you after class in your Extended Learning pages mentioned above. Programs are sent to a SAS server in the Cloud for execution, and the results are sent back to your local client.  This video might help.


By the way, if you want to extend your learning but you’ve misplaced your thank-you email with your activation instructions, just contact us at, and let us know which course you took.

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