Help! I need SAS syntax help but it vanished in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3!

Ever since I got SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3, my help is not really helping, meaning, I don’t see a lot of items listed when I type ‘filename’ under Index. As you showed us in class with SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2, I used to see lots of items in the Index. Besides I don’t see anything remotely related to the ‘filename’ statement. Do you have any idea what happened?

This was a valid student question from my recent SAS Enterprise Guide for Experienced SAS Programmers class that I’ll respond to in this post:

For those who have moved to SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3, there is lots of good news. It has amazing artificial intelligence built in. As you start typing code in the program editor, SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 offers up all possibilities for that syntax/function.

But I want examples like I used to see before in SAS syntax help files.

No problem, there is now built-in syntax and function help that is available in the program editor. Full SAS syntax help is available online where you can also find information on all the new features in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3.

Want to learn more about SAS Enterprise Guide? Check out Chris Hemedinger who writes all about SAS Enterprise Guide in his popular blog The SAS Dummy.

On this note I’ll end this year wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Hope you enjoyed my blog posts, drop me a line with your questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you. See you in the New Year with lots more programming tips and answers to student questions. Stay tuned!

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