SAS Enterprise Guide – Why Experienced Programmers Should Use It

Chris Hemedinger, author of The SAS Dummy blog and member of the team that builds SAS Enterprise Guide, and Stacey Syphus, SAS Enterprise Guide curriculum development manager, recently took some time to discuss the upcoming SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 product release and why experienced programmers should give the SAS Enterprise Guide interface a closer look.

1. Seasoned programmers with years of success creating programs using traditional SAS tools may be asking themselves, “Why should I bother learning to program using SAS Enterprise Guide?” What’s your response?

CH: With the upcoming SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 release, SAS customers will have productivity tools that they have never before found in a product from SAS: syntax completion and embedded syntax help, code analysis, code formatting, and more. We think that experienced programmers will view the 4.3 product, with its new features, as a premier programming environment for SAS.

SS: I agree. SAS Enterprise Guide is a fantastic tool for programmers and non-programmers alike.
SAS Enterprise Guide’s Programming Editor not only does almost everything the Editor allows in the SAS Display Manager (or SAS windowing environment), but, the Enterprise Guide 4.3 release will do much more than any other programming interface offered by SAS. To see a great list of features currently available that are beneficial to SAS programmers, you can read the paper, “Top 10 Reasons to Switch to SAS Enterprise Guide (Say Goodbye to PC SAS),” that was presented at a 2008 Northeast SAS User Group (NESUG) event.

2. What is one feature of SAS Enterprise Guide that you think an experienced programmer might find particularly advantageous?

SS: For the experienced programmers, one thing that I can think of that SAS Enterprise Guide offers that is different from previous SAS tools is that fact that in one single place you can combine multiple SAS programs and notes for documentation. It is also the easiest place to create SAS stored processes.

CH: For programmers: obviously, the new Program Editor with complete syntax help and autocomplete behavior.

3. Where can experienced programmers go to quickly get up-to-speed on using SAS Enterprise Guide?

SS: Our SAS Enterprise Guide for Experienced SAS Programmers course* has been specially designed to introduce experienced SAS programmers to SAS Enterprise Guide.

* The course incorporating SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 software will be available in December 2010. Students attending the course prior to December who wish to see new 4.3 features should inquire with their instructor.

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