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Blog spam: ain't nobody got time for that

Here at SAS, we've come a long way with how we deal with blog spam on Last year at this time, I was sifting ... Read More

Take control of ODS results in SAS Enterprise Guide

When you run a program or task in SAS Enterprise Guide, the application wraps your job in an "ODS sandwich", the colloquial term we use ... Read More

Frankenstein hackey-sacking with a missile

I'm in the grocery store with a "mental" list of 3 items to pick up: bread, eggs, and something unusual like cupcake liners. My phone ... Read More

Confessions of a SAS Dummy

SAS Global Forum 2014 was a ton of fun, and extremely busy for yours truly. If you wonder how I spent my time at the ... Read More

Talking Tech at SAS Global Forum 2014

For the third year now, I'll be hosting the SAS Tech Talk shows at SAS Global Forum. (Since I've been invited back I can assume ... Read More

Adding some culture to your SAS Enterprise Guide prompts

My teenage daughter is a self-appointed anglophile. She's a big fan of British movies and TV shows such as Doctor Who and Sherlock, and although ... Read More

SAS Talks: Favorite SAS Enterprise Guide Tricks

Last week's SAS Talks session, My Favorite SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 Tricks, was remarkable in several ways. First, the featured presenter was Marje Fecht, who ... Read More

Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express to debug custom tasks

It's true: you can use the Microsoft Visual Studio Express tools to build custom tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft ... Read More

Adding "sticky notes" in your SAS Enterprise Guide projects

This isn't the first blog post to laud the "Note" feature of SAS Enterprise Guide. You know, the feature that allows you to add documentation ... Read More