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Mount Mayon Eruption reminds me that mobile phones have changed lives

Aboard a scuba diving boat off the east coast of Tico Island in the Philippines, my eyes kept turning to gaze upon Mount Mayon, reputed ... Read More

Targeting Iron Man with a location based ad

I have not yet seen Iron Man 3, some of which was filmed here in SAS’s Executive Briefing Center, but I wish I had a ... Read More

Is Kevin Bacon still living in the age of Lt. Col Henry Blake?

In 1975, CBS got the word out to TV viewers that the season’s final episode of M*A*S*H would have a surprise ending.  Here is a ... Read More

Watching the London Olympics on my smartphone - Now this is BIG DATA

Streaming video has been available on mobile devices for several years, but the London Olympics are the first truly worldwide use of wireless networks to ... Read More

It’s who you know: using customer connections to understand influence

Dr. Carlos Pinheiro works harder to share his knowledge than anyone else I know. Last year I saw him speak at industry conferences three times.  ... Read More

That Feeling of Déjà vu

How important is accurate telecom forecasting? Sitting through another presentation this week on the explosive growth of mobile data, and the eye-popping statistics about how ... Read More

Mom's weekend at Bernie's

It may not be the best movie ever made, but the zany premise for Weekend at Bernie's is that two guys go to extraordinary lengths ... Read More

Don’t take my word for it: analytics is hot

Analytics is the hot new buzzword at the TeleManagement Forum (TMForum). Because I am the Communications Industry Marketing Manager for SAS, you would expect me ... Read More

Don’t get mauled

In a classic Saturday Night Live skit back in the 70s, Dan Aykroyd portrays a man promoting his book about being mauled by a bear. ... Read More

Technology and price innovations in the age of distraction

I started to write this blog post about how new price plans and technologies are creating so many options for consumers that they can’t help ... Read More