Fritz Lehman
Sr Vice President, Customer Engagement and Support

Fritz Lehman is passionate about customer care. As Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement and Support, Fritz leads a 1,100-member global team dedicated to customer satisfaction and support. Topics that interest him include excellence in leadership, fostering trust and building great teams. On Twitter, he’s @LehmanFritz.

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Taking customer experience to heart

When I joined SAS nearly 32 years ago, I didn’t set out to be its first Chief Customer Officer (CCO). I made it here by setting small goals for myself over the years, sharing those goals and attaining them step by step. It’s been a lot like training for a

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Customers for life

Do you ever stop and think about why it’s so hard to get really great customer service? As consumers, most of us are making transactions all day long, but it’s rare that someone actually surprises or delights us. More often, we rack up negative experiences. Think of what it’s like

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Customer experience is more than just a hot steak

There’s a restaurant here in Raleigh called the Angus Barn.  It’s one of my favorite places to eat and unwind after work. They’ve got top-notch steak and quality cold beer, but what really sets the place apart is the customer experience they provide. There’s a cigar room in the back