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Principal Industry Consultant

Bob Davis is a Principal Industry Consultant in the Supply Chain Management Solutions group at the SAS Institute. From 2000 to 2013 Davis was Principal Product Manager for SAS Inventory Optimization, Service Parts Optimization and Supply Chain Intelligence Center. Prior to joining SAS, Davis worked for over 20 years with Nestles and ConAgra in their Grocery Products Divisions. While at SAS Davis has helped SAS develop expertise in supply chain cost analysis in the fast moving consumer products industry, inventory optimization, service parts optimization and sales & operations planning. He is a recognized global expert in multi-echelon inventory and replenishment optimization. He has been featured as a speaker and writer on the topics of demand-driven supply chains and service chain processes. He has spoken at such conferences as the Council of Logistics Management, Logicon, BetterManagement Live and Frontline’s Supply Chain Week.

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