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Product Marketing Manager, Energy and Sustainability

Alyssa Farrell leads global industry marketing for SAS’ business within the energy sector, including Utilities, Oil and Gas. She also has responsibility for SAS’ Sustainability Solutions and works with customers around the world to understand best practices and solutions for managing their business with environmental responsibility in mind. She participates in the Green Tech Council of the North Carolina Technology Association, and supports the SAS Executive Sustainability Council, the leadership team that governs SAS’ sustainable business practices.

Within the energy sector, her focus is on solutions that optimize our energy infrastructure by applying predictive analytics to complex data. Pertaining to all industries, Farrell regularly speaks with trade associations, analysts, and the press about the opportunities organizations have to effectively manage a sustainable strategy and drive healthy economic growth.

Prior to joining SAS, Farrell was a senior consultant in the Deloitte Public Sector practice. In this capacity, she was a project manager for state-wide and county-wide systems implementations and was responsible for user acceptance testing, change management and training, and middleware technology selection.

She is a graduate of the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona, where she earned her MBA degree with a concentration in Management Information Systems. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University.

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