Everyday visual analytics

Imagine you're a business analyst who just discovered a pattern or trend that could significantly help your organization. What do you do next?

You share it.

Using SAS® Visual Analytics, you've published your results to the Web and mobile device before, but this time you'd rather work with your findings in Microsoft Excel and add them to a presentation for your manager.

No problem!

SAS Visual Analytics integrates with SAS® Office Analytics – enabling you to display visual analytics content in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and SharePoint as well. That means you can open the reports you created in Visual Analytics Designer or Explorer and access your "favorites" to show colleagues and managers your exciting discoveries in a convenient, familiar format.

Analytics made easy
As you can tell from the scenario above, the integration of Visual Analytics and SAS Office Analytics makes it easier to share insights with others and incorporate analytics findings in everyday business practices. Imagine opening Outlook and seeing your always-current reporting dashboard.

For more tips, be sure to check out the free video library of "How Do I?" guides that show you how to take advantage of integration with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and SAS® Enterprise Guide.

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