sascom magazine 3q13: Why your brain needs data visualization


If the latest issue of sascom magazine has a theme, it’s preparation. The size and speed of your data is growing exponentially, the world of analytics is changing – and we want our readers to be ahead of the curve.

That’s why we’re continuing to explore data visualization. Visualizations are the single easiest way for our brains to receive and interpret large amounts of information. When you turn hundreds and thousands of variables into a meaningful pie chart, line graph or bubble chart, you give your business users the ability to use information intuitively – to see connections and ask questions no one has ever considered before.

Learn about the benefits of data visualization in our cover story: Why your brain needs data visualization. Then see how it’s being used in real-world organizations like Euramax and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Also in this issue, Tom Davenport tells you how to get ready for Analytics 3.0 and takes a look at some companies that are leading the charge. Jay Liebowitz has hiring tips for the new breed of analysts you’re going to need, and Tamara Dull tells you how to bring big data into the cloud.


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Editor-in-Chief, sascom magazine

Anne-Lindsay Beall is Editor-in-Chief of sascom magazine, Editor of the Customer Intelligence Knowledge Exchange at SAS, and Editor of the SAS Retail News. She has developed a comprehensive portfolio of business and marketing communications during her career spanning 14 years of magazine and marketing work. You can find her on Twitter: @annelindsayb or on LinkedIn at:

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