The best of SAS blogs for 2012

Did you have a favorite SAS blog or blogger this year? Maybe you discovered something about big data or learned a useful statistical programming technique. Or maybe you found a SAS blogger who makes you laugh. Let's look at the best of the best SAS blogs and blog posts this year, according to pageviews, comments and social shares,

The race to be in the top ten list of SAS blogs is neck-and-neck, so I'm publishing the top eleven. Number 10 and number 11 could change spots any day now:

  1. The Do Loop
  2. The SAS Dummy
  3. JMP blog
  4. The SAS Training Post
  5. SAS Voices
  6. The SAS Book Shelf
  7. Real BI for Real Users
  8. SAS Users Group
  9. Graphically Speaking
  10. Information Architect
  11. Customer Analytics

Where can you find a good conversation about SAS? According to our comment counts, these ten blogs have the most discussion on their posts:

  1. The SAS Dummy
  2. The Do Loop
  3. The SAS Training Post
  4. SAS Users Group
  5. The SAS Book Shelf
  6. Real BI for Real Users
  7. JMP blog
  8. Graphically Speaking
  9. SAS Voices
  10. Customer Analytics

Which SAS employees posted the most in 2012? Here are the 10 most prolific bloggers:

  1. Rick Wicklin
  2. Waynette Tubbs
  3. Shelly Goodin
  4. Chris Hemedinger
  5. Sanjay Matange
  6. Alison Bolen
  7. Angela Hall
  8. Mike Gilliland
  9. Julie Petlick
  10. John Balla

Which posts are seeing social action? The following posts had the most social shares:

  1. The Value Exchange: Shaping Better Customer Experience with Analytics
  2. From #rage to #doingitright – how SAS listens and responds to our customers
  3. Proud to back the Pack
  4. Seven ways for marketers to respond to big data, from Brian Solis
  5. What kind of big data problem do you have?
  6. Business value reporting - The key to a successful analytics team
  7. 7 tips for finding big data talent
  8. Statistician: The sexy job of the next decade
  9. Before & after: high-performance analytics
  10. Is big data over hyped?

Finally, why not leave a new comment on one of these posts with the most comments:

  1. Choose your own adventure with SAS OnDemand for Professionals
  2. How do I export from SAS to Excel files: Let me count the ways
  3. Unofficial Official Guide to SAS Global Forum – What NOT to wear
  4. How to search your SAS Enterprise Guide project files
  5. What is Mahalanobis distance?
  6. Finding patterns in big data with SAS/GRAPH
  7. SAS Hadoop - A peek at the technology
  8. Are you reading SAS eBooks?
  9. What makes a GREAT SAS administrator?
  10. Export to Excel 2010 just got a little bit easier

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    How can I delete CSV files from a directory without using X commands?


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