What are the benefits of big data in health care?

What is the solution for patient-centric healthcare? Big data, says SAS expert Alice Swearington in the post, Treat patients with big data insights. "Service providers throughout the healthcare continuum that become patient centric first will win the patient," she explains, citing the industry tends toward insurance exchanges and retail insurance that will give patients more choices.

Of course, big data can be used in health care in many other ways beyond personalized care. Some hospitals are using high-performance analytics to improve patient safety rates and others are analyzing data streamed in from medical devices in patients' homes.

In the video below, SAS Chief Medical Officer Graham Hughes talks about challenges in health care and how analytics can help identify room for improvement, including how to evolve from a "pay for volume" structure to paying for value.

"There is more data in health care than we can deal with," says Hughes in the video above. High-performance analytics will help apply predictive anlaytics to Genomic information, behavioral data, socioeconomic data and electronic records.

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