Before & after: high-performance analytics


What does your industry look like now? How might it evolve with high-performance analytics? What big changes will we start to see soon in major industries? We've laid out just a few of the opportunities in this simple, informative format so you can scan to see not only how high-performance analytics will affect your industry, but how it might affect your life. After all, most of these industries - health care, insurance, public safety - touch us all. Take a look, share the image freely, and tell us your own before-and-after stories or predictions in the comments.

before and after high performance analytics


This is day 12 of my "HPA once a day" blog post series. To read more, see all of the high-performance analytics posts on this blog or follow the high-performance analytics rss feed. 

(Infographic credit: Anne-Lindsay Beall, Tapan Patel and Jeanne Salas)


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    • Tapan Patel

      Good points, Tom. We do see even some of the more conventional examples changing with high-performance analytics, though, too. It’s hard to fit all the details into a quick-glimpse graphic like this, but I’d love to talk with you to discuss in more detail. Will you be at Predictive Analytics World next week?

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