Higher performance, lower risk with grid computing

The Grid Manager Plug-In

The Grid Manager Plug-In allows you to monitor and manage grid jobs, hosts and queues.

The volatile financial markets leave no wiggle room for risk. Or second thoughts. We need the right answers to some tough questions, and we need them now. There is zero tolerance for errors. And no time for delays.

Samsung Securities gets it. That's why they've boosted their SAS solution for enterprise risk management with high-performance analytics. Using SAS Grid Computing, Samsung Securities expects to increase overall risk-calculation throughput by 30 percent -- while improving the accuracy of the analyses.

“Powered by leading grid and cluster management solutions from Platform Computing, SAS Grid Manager enables powerful and timely analysis within enterprise analytic environments for critical business decisions across numerous sectors,” says Tripp Purvis, Vice President of Business Development at Platform Computing. “Extending our longstanding North American partnership into Asia Pacific will help customers across Asia make better decisions by leveraging their data in a flexible, highly available environment.”

This is day nine of my "HPA once a day" blog post series. To read more, see all of the high-performance analytics posts on this blog or follow the high-performance analytics rss feed.

(Barry Gay, Shannon Heath and Kris Balic also contributed to this post.)

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