Learn how to become a published author at SAS Global Forum

Where do you go when you want to mix and mingle with like-minded folks? Where do you go when you want to share best practices and talk about the latest advances in software? If you’re a SAS user, the answer is SAS Global Forum in San Francisco.

And while in San Francisco, where do you go when you have an idea for a SAS book? Come to the SAS bookstore and share your idea with me (or Julie Platt or Stacey Hamilton, we’ll all be there). I’m hoping to talk to everyone who has an idea for a book. And, I’m making it as easy as possible for us to meet:

  • If you’re presenting, email me the details and I’ll add it to my agenda. I’ll make it to as many presentations as possible.
  • Let me know your availability for a 15 minute chat and we’ll meet up somewhere at the conference.
  • Just stop by the SAS bookstore and ask for me, Julie or Stacey

And the easiest way of all? I’m hosting an informal roundtable discussion on Monday at 6:00pm. Stop by the SAS bookstore during the Monday evening reception and be sure to join the discussion (it’ll only take 30 minutes and you can bring your food and drink with you).

If you want to attend, send me a note. I’ll share some documents with you and we can talk details during the roundtable. Why not get started on the idea now and get your specific questions answered?

Come on SAS users, keep me busy during SAS Global Forum. Let’s see how many proposals we can generate in 3 days!

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