Bookin’ It to Nashville

No, not for a country music recording deal. Trust me, no one wants to hear me sing…I can’t carry a tune in a bucket (but I can throw out some unusual “Southernisms”).

I’m headed to Nashville, May 8-11, for the annual PharmaSUG conference. PharmaSUG is the Pharmaceutical Industry SAS® Users Group, consisting of professionals worldwide in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries who use SAS software in their work.

Lou Metzger and myself will represent SAS Publishing in the Demo area. Lou will be there to sell our SAS Press and Wiley and SAS Business Series books (at a 20% discount!). And I’ll be talking to attendees about the kinds of books they want to see us publish next. I’ll also be on the lookout for new SAS Press authors.

So to help me prepare for this conference, I need your help. Do you know someone attending PharmaSUG who would make a great author? Send me their name and I’ll harass (ahem, gently persuade) them into writing for us. Is there a pharmaceutical or healthcare topic you want us to cover? Let me know that, as well. I’ll keep that in mind as I’m talking to SAS users.

And if you’re attending the conference, please stop in and say hello. The best thing about these conferences is meeting our users in person and hearing how our software is being used all around the world.

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