New Technically Speaking webcast exploring workout data

I hope that by now you've heard about our new Technically Speaking webcast series. The goal of this series is to help you understand and work through issues with your data so that you can focus on answering your most important questions. It features JMP team members sharing data case studies and […]

Bart Baesens on theory and application of analytics

Having completed co-chairing a successful Analytics 2013 conference in London last month, Bart Baesens, professor and author, offers his insights to give JMP Blog readers a sample of some of the topics he will address in this month’s installment of Analytically Speaking: Conversations with Thought Leaders webcasts. Question: You teach both university students […]

Hunter and Salsburg on how statistics has evolved

With the International Year of Statistics quickly approaching, what better way to prepare ourselves than by gaining a little perspective from those who have helped to shape the world of statistics in the last century? This past summer, JMP's Senior Director of Analytic Strategy Anne Milley and I took a […]

New on-demand webcasts on JMP scripting and tips

Live Mastering JMP Webcasts Each quarter, JMP systems engineers present 11 Mastering JMP live webcasts that are intended to help users develop and expand their JMP skills. We recently added new dates (through December 2012) for our Mastering JMP webcasts. The new list includes September and December dates for Making […]

Grow JMP skills with live and on-demand webcasts

Each quarter, JMP systems engineers present 11 Mastering JMP live webcasts, which are intended to help users develop and expand their JMP skills. Some webcasts are available as on-demand videos now. We'll roll out the others after the upcoming live events take place. Did you miss one of the live webcasts? Register […]

New videos to grow your JMP skills

New demos from live Mastering JMP webcasts are now available for viewing at your leisure. I divided each webcast into two or three videos. Registration is not required to view the videos. Jami Hampton’s videos on Preparing Your Data for Analysis were recorded during the Jan. 20 Mastering JMP live […]

See how to uncover the structure of your data

Uncovering structure and patterns in high-dimensional data are challenges easily met using visualization and analytics in JMP. In a Nov. 10 live webcast, Systems Engineer Chris Kirchberg demonstrated how. I captured the presentation as three demos that you can review at your leisure. Each demo is about 20 minutes long, […]

Building forecasting models for time series data

Time series data have a natural ordering by time, and that order is relevant to the analysis of the data characteristics and the way they are used to forecast future events. On Oct. 27, Robert Anderson, Systems Engineer based in the JMP UK office, presented a webcast on building forecasting […]