Better decisions and trade-offs

Creative thinker and problem solver, Christine Anderson-Cook, is this month’s featured guest on Analytically Speaking. She has worked with the Statistical Sciences Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory since 2004, and currently leads a number of projects on complex system reliability, nonproliferation, malware detection and statistical process control. Our discussion […]

Making the world a better place: David Trindade on improving quality, reliability and more

David Trindade, Chief Officer of Best Practices at Bloom Energy, knows a lot about creating value. He is internationally renowned for his expertise in reliability analysis and has been honored with the IEEE Reliability Society 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. He co-authored a valued resource for reliability engineers, Applied Reliability, now […]

Promoting interdisciplinary research at QPRC 2015

The Quality & Productivity Research Conference is about to take place in our backyard (so to speak) at the School of Textiles at North Carolina State University. And it includes a field trip to our front yard. The theme of the meeting is Creativity and Innovation for a Connected World. […]

Exploring hard drive test data

Which computer hard drives are most reliable? And how often should you replace a hard drive? Those are some of the questions I hope to answer in exploring and analyzing data about hard drive tests. A company called Backblaze, which offers online data backup services, generously makes this data available […]

Coming in JMP 12: New Destructive Degradation platform

The reliability of components, devices and complex systems is a critical aspect of the quality experience as viewed, and judged, by consumers. Reliability, which is often defined as “Quality over Time,” requires many different analytical techniques depending on the type of data being used and the goal of the findings […]

Analytically Speaking: Q&A with reliability expert Bill Meeker

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of hosting Bill Meeker, Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Iowa State University, on our Analytically Speaking webcast series. Bill is a noted author and expert in the areas of reliability data analysis, reliability test planning, accelerated testing, nondestructive evaluation and […]

Reliability regression with binary response data (probit analysis) with JMP

Many readers may be familiar with the broad spectrum of reliability platforms and analysis methods for reliability-centric problems available in JMP. The methods an engineer will select – whether to solve a problem, improve a system or gain a deeper understanding of a failure mechanism – are dependent on many […]

"Quality time" with the Ramírez family

Award-winning authors Brenda Ramírez and José G. Ramírez were our guests for the March installment of Analytically Speaking. If you missed their webcast, it’s now available on demand. During the interview, they discussed how traditional quality techniques – when updated with the latest advances in analytics and data visualization – […]

Reliability modeling: accurately predicting degradation

I was recently at ALT 2012, a conference on reliability, hosted by INSA Rennes in France where I studied physics. I greeted the conference organizer, who took a look at me and seemed puzzled. He had taught me a while back and remembered me only as a student. He struggled […]

London seminar shows power of reliability analysis

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of Dr. Bill Meeker, one of the world's leading experts in reliability analysis, present in London. After sharing some vivid examples of what can happen when reliability goes wrong, he talked about reliability in five areas, with Leo Wright demonstrating how JMP can be […]