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Proper and improper use of Definitive Screening Designs (DSDs)

In 2011, my colleague Prof. Chris Nachtsheim and I introduced Definitive Screening Designs (DSDs) with a paper in the Journal of Quality Technology. A year ... Read More

Coming in JMP 12: New features in DOE

The design of experiments (DOE) development group at JMP has been busy working on the upcoming version of the software, so I cannot mention every ... Read More

JMP 11: Custom Design power calculations – Part II

Last week, I wrote about the Custom Design user interface for power calculations that is new for JMP 11. My goal for this week’s blog ... Read More

JMP 11: Custom Design user interface for power calculations

Last year, I wrote two blog posts about power analysis for designed experiments. Since then, JMP 11 was released, and the user interface for power ... Read More

New design of experiments capabilities in JMP 11

As in many areas of JMP, there are too many new features supporting experiment planning to cover in a single blog post. So, I will ... Read More

Box & Lucas: Designed experiments for nonlinear models

All this month, I'm writing about George E.P. Box, as part of the celebration of the International Year of Statistics. Last week, I wrote about ... Read More

Celebrating George Box and Box-Behnken designs

As part of the International Year of Statistics, the JMP Blog is honoring influential statisticians each month. Professor George E.P. Box is the honoree for ... Read More

Celebrating statisticians: George E.P. Box

In this International Year of Statistics, we at JMP are celebrating famous statisticians on a monthly basis. This month is my turn, and early this ... Read More

George Box: A remembrance

Today I mourn the passing of George Box, truly a giant among 20th century statisticians. Indeed, I should not relegate him to the 20th century ... Read More

Monte Carlo simulation of 2012 presidential election

There were probably more state and national polls of the 2012 election for President of the United States than ever before. Despite this, many pundits were shocked by the ... Read More