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UK User Forum warms up for Discovery Summit Europe

The theme running through the recent UK User Forum was the use of JMP to simulate and optimise processes, particularly ... Read More

Webcasts show how to build better statistical models

We have two upcoming webcasts on Building Better Models presented at times convenient for a UK audience: If you ... Read More

JMP smashes new ground at The Shard

JMP UK broke new ground last week when we held a new seminar on Statistical Discovery in Consumer and Marketing ... Read More

Sun shines on first Irish JMP User Forum

The sun came out in all its splendour for the first Irish JMP User Forum. As the media reported, Ireland's ... Read More

Is big data a big deal?

Maybe… but messy data is a bigger deal. Big data hit mainstream over the past year or so. I know ... Read More

Helping JMP users to become experts

I discovered that I was an outlier until Saturday, when I bought a new car: I am the only salesperson ... Read More

Sharing best practice in design of experiments in UK

JMP was delighted to welcome Peter Goos and Bradley Jones, two thought leaders in the area of design of experiments ... Read More

Join the JMP User Forum in the UK on 17 July

UK users of JMP will gather on 17 July for a day of sharing stories and best practises, and to ... Read More

My, how quality has changed!

Since I took my degree in engineering in the late 1980s, things have changed dramatically in the world of quality. ... Read More

JMP attends the PSI Conference in Edinburgh

I had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Zink, Principal Research Statistician Developer in the JMP Life Sciences division, prior to ... Read More