How to get started with SAS: Free videos for beginners

On most Mondays I blog about a function, programming technique, or resource that is useful for programmers who are getting started with SAS software. Recently I learned that my colleagues in the SAS education division have been hard at work developing a series of short videos that explain basic tasks to beginners. They have developed more than 20 videos that teach the basics of SAS programming and statistics, in addition to dozens of other videos that describe frequently encountered tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, and other SAS products.

Topics for beginners include:

  • Creating simple statistical graphs
  • Analyzing frequencies of a categorical variable
  • Analyzing the distribution of a continuous variable
  • Analyzing correlations between variables
  • Fitting simple regression models

Do you know a friend or colleague that is new to using SAS and who learns best by watching videos? Direct them to these free SAS tutorials that teach the basics of SAS programming and analytics.

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