"Business Awesome" is part analytics, all attitude

"Awesome" is possibly the most over-used word in the English language, and its over-usage is driven by its versatility. Generally, something awesome is impressive in a way that warrants talking about it - so it's something remarkable. Knowing that, it's easy to understand how in our social-savvy, interconnected online world, awesomeness matters. 

Business strategist and best-selling author Scott Stratten is passionate about awesomeness. His latest book provides pages of vivid examples of how awesomeness ("business awesome") and it's polar opposite ("business unawesome") impact business. It turns out that Scott's thoughts about awesomeness meshed pretty well with our own views about how customer analytics drives marketing success, and it also spoke eloquently to the theme of the DMA 2012 conference. For that reason, we invited Scott to present in the Thought Leadership series at the event, and it turns out he did an awesome job.

Knowing that in advance, we made plans to record his session and share it with you. Please click on the link below to enjoy this recording. You'll hear his views on how ‘business awesome’ relates to good data and smart people with the right attitude.

tags: relevance, social media, strategy

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