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Carl Farrell leads SAS teams across more than 60 countries around the world. He’s charged with driving consistent revenue growth for SAS, and ensuring that customers get significant value from SAS products and services. He is the chief architect behind the long-term vision and operational strategy to ensure that growth and market potential are achieved.

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Best practices in cybersecurity

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Fighting fraudsters

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Energized about energy

I’ve been told I have rocks for brains before, but right now I have rocks on the brain – the kind ... Read More

Analytics: the prescription for health care

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Baskets full of benefits from analytics

With as much as I travel, I have to confess that I’ve become a bit of a food snob. And ... Read More

From Santa to SAS, Macy’s delights customers

Rowland H. Macy was a shrewd businessman. Bearing a red star tattoo on his hand – the same iconic star ... Read More
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