The best part of the annual budget is when it is over!

For those of you who are my regular readers, you may know that the number of my obituaries that honor special people are very few. I believe this my fourth one in the four years that I have been blogging. Jeremy Hope (1948 – 2011) was a special type of […]

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Moving from possibility to probability with analytics

What could possibly happen to your organization performance results? At the operational level sales order volume could be up or down. Prices of purchased commodity materials like steel or coffee could be up or down. On a strategic macroeconomic level, consumer demand could be up or down. From a risk […]

Post a Comment’s CPM conference: Why is budgeting broken?

I am currently attending’s Corporate Performance Management conference September 11-13, 2011 in Dallas at with a terrific line-up of speakers. The conference began with a provocative and stimulating workshop presented by Steve Player, North American Program Director of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT) and founder of The […]

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